Synchronize with Kofax Capture

You can synchronize your project with Kofax Capture by following these steps:

  1. Open the Kofax Capture Administration module.
  2. Create a new batch class.

    See the Kofax Capture Documentation for more information on how to create a new batch class.

  3. Add the appropriate modules for Kofax Transformation Modules to the batch class queue.
    1. First add KTM Server to extract the data.
    2. Then add KTM Validation for validation step 1.
    3. Then add KTM Validation 2 for validation step 2.
  4. Assign the Kofax Capture user management to the Validation modules.

    For details on user management, see the Kofax Capture documentation.

    Note The assigned users can either see and validate the name and address fields, or validate the card information only. This is because the "CannotSeeCardInformation" group is mapped to validation step 1 only, and the "CanSeeCardInformation" group is mapped only to the second validation step.
  5. Synchronize the Kofax Transformation project with the batch class.
    1. Open Kofax Transformation Modules -Synchronization Tool.
    2. Map the Kofax Transformation Modules"OrderForm" class to one Kofax Capture form type/document class.
    3. For each Kofax Transformation Modules extraction field, create a Kofax Capture index field.
    4. Click Synchronize to finish synchronization.
  6. In the Extended Synchronization Settings, disable both "Allow script debugging" and "Allow batch editing".

    This is important to make sure that the user cannot access information hidden by masked areas.

  7. Publish the project.

    You are now ready to process a batch.