Evaluator method types

Evaluator locator methods evaluate data and then return the most appropriate alternative to the field.

The following evaluator method types are available:

Icon Evaluator Method Type Description

Address Evaluator icon

Address Evaluator

This evaluator compares address fields to an associated database, and if possible, corrects the field data.

Advanced Evaluator icon

Advanced Evaluator

This evaluator provides comparisons for up to three input locators for typical invoice header data, such as invoice number, order date, different amounts, or other custom subfields.

Database Evaluator icon

Database Evaluator

This evaluator compares the results for fields retrieved from an Advanced Zone Locator with the records in the associated database.

OCR Voting Evaluator icon

OCR Voting Evaluator

This evaluator compares the results of zone characters and selects the best result to save to the field.

Relation Evaluator icon

Relation Evaluator

This evaluator rates the results of one locator in comparison to the results of another locator based on relative locations.

Standard Evaluator icon

Standard Evaluator

This evaluator compares the results of several locators and selects a set of results based on preset criteria.

Trainable Evaluator icon

Trainable Evaluator

This evaluator trains the best alternatives from other locators.

All evaluators have test modes that help you fine-tune and configure settings. Test results are highlighted in the Document Viewer and displayed in an extraction result list as well, sorted by their confidence.

In addition to these evaluator method types, there are locator methods and trainable locator methods.