Propagated not-flag

This rule Classification Propagated Not-Flag Rule Result icon is similar to the Local Not-Flag but this flag setting propagates to the child classes. If instructions are found on a document and the sum of their relevancies is less than -50 %, then the class and all of its child classes are excluded from the classification results. This means that it is possible to disable the classification of an entire subtree by defining negative instructions at the root of that branch.

The following example shows an example for this rule. A negative instruction for homer has disabled the entire hierarchy below this class. Even though homer_iliad , a child of homer, has the highest content classification confidence, it cannot be the final classification result due to this rule.

Note If a classification rule is applied to a document, a special icon is displayed next to the document in the Classification Results window. A tooltip for the icon explains the applicable rule.

An image that shows the classification results when the hierarchical propagated not flag rule is applied.