Change folder pane layout

By default, the folder pane is displayed directly above the validation form and is separated from the form with a thick line. You can change the look and layout of the folder pane.

Important Thin Client Validation does not display folder fields in a pane. Instead, it displays them in a separate tab. Any changes made here with regards to the pane are not displayed in Thin Client Validation.

You can change the folder pane layout by following these steps:

  1. Expand the Project Tree and select the folder where you want to configure the validation form.
  2. On the Design tab, in the Validation Forms group, click Customize Folder Validation Form Validation Forms - Design Folder Layout icon.

    The Validation Form Layout window displays the form in a standard layout when you first define the form, or in your customized form.

  3. Select the General Properties for folder and set the background color.
  4. To show a solid colored pane, select a color for the BackColor property. To show the background as color gradient, select a second color for the BackColor2 property and change the Use gradient property to TRUE.
  5. For each class you can define how the folder pane is separated from the validation form belonging to the class. This is accomplished by selecting the desired Folder field visualization setting in the validation form general properties of a class.

    Horizontal bar setting displays a horizontal bar between the folder pane and the document area of the validation form. Colorized background displays the folder pane in its configured background color (with gradient, if set to TRUE). No separator displays nothing between the folder pane and the document area of the validation form.