Advanced tab - Table Locator Properties window

Use the Advanced tab to define a search for interleaving order numbers or embedded columns. These features are applicable to both Manual and Automatic modes.

Interleaving Order Numbers

This group has the following options:

Search for interleaved order numbers

Select this option if you want the Table Locator to find and identify numbers interleaved in the table. If you have a collective invoice that is an invoice referring to several orders, line items in the table might be grouped by order or delivery note numbers, interleaved in the table. This option is cleared by default.

Interleaved Order or Delivery not numbers

Select one of the following types of interleaved numbers based on the type of documents you are processing:

  • Order number. This is the default value for this option.

  • Delivery note number.

Format Locator

Select an appropriate Format Locator to find order or delivery note numbers. The value for this option is set to empty by default.


Specify a minimum threshold for the results. Only results from the selected locator with a confidence higher than this threshold is used. The value for this option is set to80 by default.

Embedded Columns

This group lists any table columns that are mapped to specific locators. The following are available:


In the list, select a column from the table model. This is the column where the Format Locator searches for its configured regular expression.


In the list, select a Format Locator. The locator needs to are displayed before the Table Locator in the list of class locators, otherwise it does not are displayed in this list.


Select a threshold for the Format Locator confidence. Only alternatives from the locator that have a confidence above this threshold is used.

Destination column

If the Format Locator finds a match in the search column, the result is copied to the destination column.

You can use the following buttons to manage your Embedded Columns:


Click this button to add a new embedded column search.


Click this button to remove the selected embedded column search(es).

Definitions for the buttons at the bottom of this window can be found in Common Project Builder Buttons.