Extraction methods

Extraction methods are available as integrated components that you can configure for a class or a project.

A locator uses extraction methods to process the data extracted from a document. Locators are attached to one or more fields that store the results of the locator algorithm. Locators are inherited by classes according to their position in the class tree.

Locator and evaluator methods are used in locator definitions. Once defined, you can restrict a locator that is based on a standard locator method to examine specific regions or pages only of a document. In addition, each locator has its own properties for configuring extraction alternatives.

During extraction, the best alternative is copied to the field. You can assign a locator to several fields. Some locators allow the reuse of results from another locator.

Note To use the results of one locator in a subsequent locator, the processing order needs to reflect the intended order of use. The locator that provides results needs to be processed first, and therefore needs to be displayed before the dependent locator in the locator list. To change the processing order, move the locator up or down the Project Tree.

All locators have test modes that help to fine-tune and configure their settings. Test results are highlighted in the Document Viewer and displayed in an extraction result list , sorted by confidence.

Kofax Transformation Modules provides the following extraction methods:


Locator methods identify items extracted from the document. A locator method returns a list of all alternatives sorted by relevance.


Evaluator methods, in contrast to locators, work on the results of locators and do not retrieve data from the document.

Trainable Locators

In addition to a set of standard locator methods, Kofax Transformation Modules provides five trainable locator methods.

Locators are defined for classes and associated with one or more fields. Each class can have multiple locators. All assigned locators are listed by class in the Project Tree window. To modify a locator, select it in the Project Tree.

To test or manage a locator, open a document set that contains one or more documents for testing.