Evaluation Settings tab - Format Locator Properties window

Use this tab to configure format evaluations.


This group has the following options:

Ignore these characters

The characters typed here are ignored when searching for keywords. The default values are !/().:, and ; for this option.


Type a word or phrase that is likely to be found on a document. You can also select a dictionary if the list of keywords is long and in database format. The presence or absence of this keyword is used to rank the results that match the formats.

Match each word exactly (not fuzzy)

Enable this option if you want to match a keyword phrase exactly. At least one of the words in the phrase should exactly match words on the document. Any recognition errors can lower the confidence of the desired alternative. This option is cleared by default.

Tip If you are processing PDF documents, no recognition is performed, and the embedded text is used instead. This means that you can use this option without fear of your alternatives receiving lower confidences because there is no chance of recognition errors.
Match all words as a phrase

Enable this option if you want to search a document for each of the words included in a phrase. If the phrase contains recognition errors, it can be included in the result, but with a lower confidence. This option is cleared by default.


Type in a value or use the slider to specify a weight. A positive number indicates that a keyword is near the desired value and a negative number indicates that any matches near that keyword should be excluded from the results. The value for this option is set to 100 by default.


Select one of the three distance options of near, medium, and far, to indicate how far your keyword is located from the desired result. The value for this option is set to Near by default.

Keyword in relation to match

Select the direction of the keyword in relation to the desired result. The eight directions include W, NW, N, NE, E, SE, and SW. The W, NW, and N directions are selected by default.

In addition to the common Project Builder buttons, the following buttons are provided:


Removes the selected keyword from the keywords table.


Creates a new keyword using the specified keyword settings and adds it to the table below.


Changes the selected keyword and updates the keywords table with the new settings.


Removes each of the settings from the selected keyword so you can start again.