Mark documents for classification online learning via script

Reclassifying a document in Document Review, Validation, or Thin Client Validation will mark that document for classification online learning if your project is configured as follows.

  • Classification online learning is enabled in the Advanced Online Learning Options window.

  • At least one of layout or content classification training are selected and the class is monitored for classification online learning at the class level.

However, if you have not set any of the class level classification settings, you can still mark documents for classification online learning by setting up a script that uses the ForceClassificationOnlineLearning property. This allows you to configure a project to have several classes monitored for classification online learning, and others to use scripts to mark documents.

For example, you can choose to collect documents that were successfully classified, but only if their confidence is below a certain threshold. You can also specify other criteria to mark documents for collection.

For more information on this event and how it is used, see the Scripting Help.