Projects, language, and country-specific settings

You can define country-specific settings by adding new countries to a project and by configuring its settings, such as the tax model, tax rates and rounding settings from the Project Settings - Country Settings tab. Additionally, you define the date and amount formats by adding Field Formatters from the Project Settings- Formatting tab.

By default, Kofax Transformation Modules is installed for English and Germa user interfaces. Additional language packs are available that need to be installed in order to display the application according to the selected application language. You can set the application language on the Options window. For details about the available language packs, visit the Kofax Website.

Important When you set up a project in Project Builder the language to display the language customization is determined by the selected project design language. In production the language that is used to display the customizable elements is determined by the selected application language. If no translation for an element for the selected language is available the fall back mechanism is applied. You can use scripting to change this behavior, especially, to display a language that is not an application language. See the Scripting Help for more details.

In a client/server environment where the Server processing is not executed on the same machine as the user interactive modules you have to ensure that the selected application language is the same for all modules. Otherwise you risk a language mixture for error messages. The language for the error messages is determined by the application language of the processing module, and this can vary on different computers.