Validation form design and labels

When adding labels to a validation form layout, it is common for project administrators to try and supplement the field name with a description. In most cases, this only hinders the user by forcing them to read more text. It also increases the work of the localization team if your labels are translated into other languages.

For example, the validation form layout for some invoices includes a field for the invoice number. Because some invoices do not contain the "Invoice Number" phrase, the project administrator adds a label containing "Invoice Number (Number, INV No., Invoice No.)" to the validation form layout.

In most cases, these alternative labels are used as keywords when configuring extraction, so are not needed on the validation form layout. Validation users are also aware of the different names used for invoice data. As a result, this extra long label provides no useful benefit and adds work for the user and the localization team if translations are needed.