Folder hierarchy

There can be folders within folders, but many times one folder level is sufficient. Each folder, starting with the root folder, can have one child folder only, so there can be only one folder definition at each level.

Note Whether you have foldering enabled or not, there is always at least one folder level, the root folder, that is the batch itself.

If folders are enabled in the project settings, the Project Folder Project Tree - Folder icon is displayed in the Project Tree window. This folder represents the root folder, and shows the folder level hierarchy for the project. From a folder shortcut menu or the Ribbon, you may add, rename or delete additional folders, define the layout of the folder fields on the validation form, show the Script window, or the Folder Details.

Depending on how your script is configured, you can either create folders manually by adding them to the Project Folder in the Project Tree, or the script can create folders automatically, based on classification and extraction data.

Each folder has folder properties where you can define whether the folder contains documents or not. If not, it can contain only other folders.

Note A folder that is not supposed to contain documents can never be valid if it does contain documents for any reason.