Properties pane

The validation form and the form elements provide various settings that are maintained on a properties pane. The pane is displayed to the right of the validation form pane either in a fixed or floating mode.

The properties pane is also displayed for the validation form folder pane and the elements that are placed on the pane when you customize the validation form layout for folders.

Note Anchoring is not provided for the folder pane or its elements and the corresponding property is not visible.

You can click the "Auto Hide" icon in the upper right corner to switch between the different display modes.

Fixed mode

By default the properties pane is displayed in a fixed display mode. Click Auto Hide in the right corner to switch from the fixed to the floating display mode.

Floating Mode

Click Auto Hide on the right top corner of the pane to activate the floating mode. This exposes an additional vertical tab on the right of the pane. When you move the mouse over this tab, the properties pane is displayed. Now you can change the settings. After a certain time the pane vanishes, and when you hover over the vertical tab it is displayed again.

There are two different sets of general properties depending whether you set up the validation form for a class or a folder level. The general properties for a class allow setting properties such as Horizontal Tabs, to show the tabs of a validation form either horizontally or vertically, and Folder field visualization, to define for each class the type of separation between the folder pane and the document pane (no separator, horizontal bar or colored background). For folder level you can set various color properties and whether force valid for folder fields is allowed.

To show the general properties for a validation form open the validation form layout for a class and either click right beside the tabs at the top or click General Properties from the toolbar. For the validation form General Properties a folder level open the validation form layout for a folder. If the properties pane shows different properties click in the folder pane or click General Properties on the toolbar.

The following properties panes show the options you can edit. Disabled properties, such as the Location or Size values are updated automatically when you change the position or size of the selected item on the validation form.