Validation form design and buttons

The best practice for buttons, whether they are scripted buttons or database lookup buttons, is to do the following:

  • Place the button in a location on the validation form layout that is intuitive for the user.

  • Provide a short yet descriptive label for the button.

    Important If you are using the default validation form for Thin Client Validation, it is very important that you use as short a label as possible. All buttons are displayed at the top of the fields pane, and if there are multiple buttons, users then have to scroll if the labels are too long.
  • If the fields relating to a button are split between groups, consider rearranging the layout so the button can be placed in the same group as the fields it affects. If this is not possible, ensure there is some descriptive text to explain the button on the validation form layout. For example, a footnote or a informative paragraph.