Table Model Properties window

Use this window to set up a table model by assigning available columns to the current table model.

This window is broken up into two main sections, the Available Columns, and the current Table Model list.

The table model shows the name of table column, whether it is visible during validation, as well as the specified default value of the table column.

Available Columns

This group shows a list of all available table columns. This list comes from the Column pool that is defined in the Project Settings - Tables tab.

Table model

This group shows a list of all columns in the currently selected table model. Use the following buttons to manage the table columns:


Use this button Assign button to move the currently selected column into the table model.


Use this button Unassign button to remove the currently selected column from the table model.


Use this button Swap button to swap the currently selected column name with the currently selected column in the table model.

Up / Down

Use these buttons Move Up button/Move Down button to change the position of the currently selected table column.

Definitions for the buttons at the bottom of this window can be found in Common Project Builder Buttons.