Train your project for extraction

If your project has training documents in your Extraction Training Set, you can train your project to improve your extraction results.

Training looks at all of the documents in the "All Documents" subset of the Extraction Training Set if both of these criteria are met:

  • A document is present in at least one other document set that is not excluded from training

  • A document is set to "Use for Training"

Note The "Use for Training" option is global across all document sets. Setting this option for one document means this setting is true for every document subset where that document is present.

You can train your project for extraction by following these steps:

  1. On the Process tab, in the Train group, click Extraction.

    A progress bar shows the training progress.

    If there are any conflicts, a message is displayed. Click OK to resolve the training conflicts.

  2. Save the changes to your project.
  3. If your project is in production, you need to republish the Batch Class in Kofax Capture Administration in order for the changes to take effect.