General tab - Advanced Zone Locator Properties window

The General Tab enables you to add a reference document and sample documents to an Advanced Zone Locator. These documents should be a high quality subset of a larger document set. A reference document is always required. The reference document is the only document where you can define zones or anchors.

Tip For the best results you should add anchors using the Document Viewer (Zone Mode) window. You can open this window by double-clicking on the reference document. For zones, add individual zones using the Document Viewer (Zone Mode) window. For multiple zones, use the Zone Wizard.

Insert Sample

Adds the selected document in the Documents window to the Advanced Zone Locator. If there are no other sample documents, this document is the Reference document.

Select a reference document and four other sample documents with the following characteristics:

  • All sample documents should have the same layout and represent the same form.

    The following examples cannot be considered the same form:

    • A multi page image of the same form but with a different page order.

    • A US letter sized document that is printed on legal paper and significantly shrunk as a result.

    • A small document such as an ID card that is scanned in large format and not always in the same location of the large image.

    • A faxed document that has been faxed multiple times and has shrunk as a result.

  • All sample documents should have the same page count.

  • All sample documents should have the same orientation.

  • All sample documents should have the same horizontal and vertical resolution.

  • The layout of the document and its fields are easily distinguishable.

  • There is no noise, punch holes, or marks on the documents.

  • The documents are not skewed or stretched in any way.

  • If forms contain hand written text, ensure that the text does not fall outside the space available for each field.

  • The document contains typical values and any check boxes are clearly marked.

Delete Sample

Removes the selected sample document from the list of documents. If you remove the Reference document, the next sample document in the list becomes the Reference document.

Background Removal

This group contains the Create Info button so you can remove unwanted background information. This button is available only if there are five or more sample documents.

At least four of the five documents should be filled out, and all should be different examples of the same document. One of the documents can be an empty form.

Definitions for the buttons at the bottom of this window can be found in Common Project Builder Buttons.