Validation form design field order

When it comes to defining the validation form layout, it is common for project administrators to replicate the physical layout of the paper document. Instead of using this approach, consider arranging the fields in an order that improves efficiency.

For example, an four page application form contains the name and address of the head of a family as well as all of their dependents. The first page contains the primary person and their address at the top of the page, while the other family members are located at the bottom of the page. In this scenario, it may be more efficient to group all of the family names together on the validation form, even if they are not together on the image.

For documents that are not consistently organized, such as a Curriculum Vitae, it is a good idea to group common fields together, regardless of where they may be physically located on the document. This means that grouping contact details, work history, skills, and references can improve efficiency when processing this type of documents.