Localized validation forms

You can translate your validation form by providing translations for additional languages that are defined in your project. You can translate the following validation form elements:

  • Field label text property (field display name)

  • Label text property

  • Tab text property

  • Group text property

  • Button or database lookup button text property

  • Database lookup button dialog caption property

  • Database lookup button list caption property

  • Table text property

  • Document Viewer caption property

  • InPlace Editor caption property

  • Global columns for tables

  • Error messages

  • Custom menus

Important The translation of field labels, error messages, field display names, and validation form elements are also supported in the Thin Clients.

When an element such as a simple field is created in Project Builder, a default value is stored within the project. You can change the default value and provide additional translations for all languages that are added to the project. The default value is displayed if the translation for this field for the currently displayed language is not available. This is part of the localization fall back mechanism.

You can add new languages on the Project Settings - Localization tab and customize the elements by adding new translations as needed. You can change the default value or add new translations within the properties of the selected element. The translations for an added language are stored as an XML file in a language directory under the project directory, such as French \fr. In general there are two ways to add translations for a newly-added language. Edit the element properties in Project Builder or edit the XML file that was created based on an existing project language and update the strings for all elements at once.