Multi-field validation rules

Add multi-field validation rules to validate the contents of both simple fields Project Tree - Field icon and table fields Project Tree - Table Field icon. To use a multi-field validation rule to validate a table, select the "Validation rule works on all rows of this table" option in the Multi-Field Validation Rule properties in the Details window.

Folder fields do not support tables, so you can only validate simple folder fields.

The Multi-Field Validation Rule Project Tree - Multiple Field Validation Rule icon icon appears in the Project Tree and represents a multi-field validation rule.

Use this type of rule to ensure that the content extracted from a document for multiple fields conforms to certain rules. Instead of defining the rules for each of your multiple fields, configure a validation method in the Project Settings - Validation tab. This lets you configure validation methods that you can use for more than one field in your project.

A multi-field validation rule can have only one validation method.