Project Properties window

Select Project Properties from the File menu to display the window. Use this window to provide a description for the project and to manage project protection settings.


This group has the following option:

Project Description

You may add a description to the project. This description is visible in the Extended Synchronization Settings.


This group has the following option:

Read Protection Password / Write Protection Password

A project file may be read and/or write protected. If you read protect your project file, you are prompted to enter the read protection password while loading the project. If you provide the wrong password or click Cancel, the project is not loaded. If you did not set a write protection password, the project is opened in full edit mode once you provide the read protection password.

The read and write protection password fields show if passwords are used. To create or change passwords, click Change to display the Read Protection Password window or the Write Protection Password window.

Use read protection if you want to limit the viewing of a project file to password holders. If viewing is protected, and you also want to prevent changes to the project, then set a write protection password as well.