Class-level fields

In comparison to project fields, fields on the class level are processed after classification and during extraction either by assigning a default value or extracting the information from the document by a locator.

A set of fields is associated with a class in Kofax Transformation Modules. The purpose of fields is to store data extracted for the class. Subclasses inherit the fields of their parent class. Additional fields can be added and field settings changed for the subclasses, but no fields inherited from a parent class can be deleted.

For the currently selected class, you can see all defined fields listed in the Project Tree when expanded. The Details window displays the display name for each field, the locator it uses to find data, and more. When you select the top-level Fields Project Tree - Fields icon listing for a class in the Project Tree, a summary of all fields and their associated locators is displayed in the Details window.

Class fields may be inherited by the parent class, but you can also define special processing in the subclass, for example, by assigning another locator method or changing confidence values. For a class field, you can change the value in validation for each document without affecting the parent class.