This section introduces the Kofax Transformation Modules components and features.

Kofax Transformation Modules provides automatic classification, separation, and extraction, as well as advanced user interactive functionality such as, indexing and validation in Kofax Capture functionality.

Kofax Capture scans paper-based documents, creating a series of scanned image files. Or, Kofax Capture uses Import Connector - Email to retrieve emails, including attachments, from a server. Kofax Capture then routes the files through Kofax Transformation Modules, which separates pages into documents, classifies documents and extracts information. Within Kofax Transformation Modules these classification, separation and extraction results are presented for review by users. After all documents are validated in the attended modules, the batch is analyzed by Kofax Transformation Modules to increase the recognition of documents with the same layout by an online learning algorithm. Finally, the accurate, validated data and images are exported to a back-end system using Kofax Capture.

Kofax Transformation Modules consists of a set of components, either Kofax Capture custom modules or additional tools.