Copy pages and documents

You can copy a page or a document and paste it elsewhere within a batch. A copied page is pasted before the selected page, or as the last page of the selected document. A copied document is pasted before the selected document, or as the last document in the selected folder or batch.

Important Pasting pages or documents decreases the scan volume license. Each time a copied page is pasted, the scan license is reduced by one. If you paste the same page several times, the scan license is reduced each time you paste it. If you paste a document, the scan license is decreased by the number of document pages.

Pasting pages or documents also requires Kofax Capture licensing. For more details see Kofax Capture documentation.

Note If you edit a batch during processing by copying a document or page this does not copy any existing custom storage strings. You can use the AfterCopyDocument or AfterCopyPage events to set them via script.

You can paste pages or documents as many times as needed to correct a batch. If you suspend and reopen a batch or perform any batch edit command other than paste, the copied cannot be pasted again.

You can copy pages and documents in the following ways: