Fuzzy database field delimiter characters

The "Field delimiter" option for fuzzy databases enables you to edit or type one or more characters that separate the database entries into separate fields.

Note Most databases only use a single field delimiter character. You can however, type more than one character in the Field delimiter option. Multiple field delimiters can have unexpected results, so test everything to ensure the database behaves as expected.

By default, this character is set to a semi-colon (;). This is because this is the most common character used to generate a CSV file from a database. If the database file is separated by another character, such as a comma (,), you need to modify the fuzzy database properties to change the field delimiter.

If the field delimiter specified does not match the contents of the database, the field count and results returned by the database can be incorrect. If you modify the field delimiter after a database is added, this can change the field count of the database. The result of this is that some locators or fields that use the database may become invalid. If this is a possibility, a warning message is displayed.

The Field Names table is updated to reflect the field delimiter change.