Create a new dictionary text file for RecoStar recognition

For RecoStar page and zone recognition, you can create your own dictionaries and store them in a newly created directory. Unlike dictionaries used elsewhere in the product, you have to create them manually and not via the Project Settings - Dictionaries tab.

Be sure that when you update a dictionary, you always save the project(s) that use this dictionary. That way you ensure that an updated dictionary is also used during production.

Note When you first select a newly created dictionary, a binary dictionary file with the same name but with an extension 'hex' is generated in the same directory.

You can create a dictionary text file to be used for RecoStar recognition by following these steps:

  1. Create a text file.
  2. Check the syntax of the text file as follows:
    1. Make sure that each entry of a dictionary is placed in a single line.
    2. Make sure that carriage return and linefeed (0x0D 0x0A) or linefeed (0x0A) end a line. (Whitespace at the end of a line is ignored.)
    3. Make sure that phrases consist of words in a line that are separated by single blanks.
    4. Use the file extension to specify the code page (since all entries are converted to uppercase letters). Allowed values are:

      CENTRALEUROPE: 'ce' or '1250'

      CYRILLIC: 'cy' or '1251'

      LATIN1: 'we' or '1252'

      GREEK: 'gr' or '1253'

      TURKISH: 'tr' or '1254'

      BALTIC: 'ba' or '1257'

      Note Unknown extensions are converted to LATIN1.