Use A2iA sample projects

Each sample project contains a default class and according to the requirements one or two child classes. The base class is defined as the default classification result. The child classes have a number of fields and an A2iA Zone Locator.


The fields contain the information the A2iA Zone Locator finds on a document.

A2iA Zone Locator

Depending on the project configuration, the selected recognition engine enables the A2iA Zone Locator to find information on a document and assign it to the corresponding fields. For the document types of A2iA CheckReader a set of subfields is predefined.

Validation Form

The validation form has the fields and field values for the relevant class.

Script (only available for the A2iA FieldReader project)

The script handles a characteristic behavior of the A2iA recognition engine to delimit words with an underscore. The underscore is replaced by a blank character.

You can use the A2iA sample project by following these steps:

  1. Open Project Builder and open either the A2iA Field Reader or the A2iA Check Reader A2iA sample project.
  2. Open the Documents window if it is not already open.
  3. Open the test documents for the selected sample that is located in the Samples\A2iAFieldReader\Documents or Samples\A2iACheckReader\Documents folder.
  4. Press F7 to process the selected documents.

    The documents are classified to the default class and the A2iA Zone Locator is executed. Its results are assigned to the fields.

  5. Optionally, open the Extraction Results window to view the A2iA Zone Locator results.
  6. Press F8 to run Test Validation and validate the results.

    Test Validation is displayed in a new window where you can validate the extracted field data.