Set up multiple steps of Validation

You can use multiple validation steps in combination with Kofax Capture user management so subsets of document fields are validated by different users. Each validation step can have its own custom validation form layout so only the necessary fields are displayed to the user at any given point.

For example, you process fixed form documents that contain an address and social security number. For security reasons, user A is only allowed to correct the document address fields, and user B validates the social security number.

To configure this, set up two validation steps in Project Builder. The validation form for the first validation step displays the address fields only and the validation form for validation step 2 the address fields plus the field for the social security number.

After Server processes the batch, it is passed to the first validation step and user A checks the extraction results of the address field. Next, the batch is processed by validation step 2, where user B checks the social security number and the displayed address fields.

Tip You can mask a field in Validation in the Document Viewer to hide one or more fields during a validation step. For example, to hide the social security number on the document for user A.

You can also route certain documents to different users with specific knowledge or expertise. For example, user A during validation step 1, validates national invoices and user B, during validation step 2, has additional knowledge and validates international invoices as well. A batch that contains national invoices should be validated only by user A and batches that also contain international invoices by user B. After Server processing, add a Kofax Capture Workflow Agent to route the batch to Validation module 1 or 2 depending whether or not the batch contains international invoices.

Note If you set up several validation steps, a batch is always routed to the first validation step and then to validation step 2 and then to step 3 and so on. For each validation step, only those documents that contain invalid fields are displayed. If all documents are valid for a validation step a message is displayed and the user can either close the batch and route it to the next validation step or open the batch to page through the documents.

By default a project is configured to use only one validation step. If needed, you can select up to 100 validation steps by defining the number of validation steps in the Project Settings - Validation tab. Up to five Validation modules can be installed using the Kofax Transformation Modules setup. Additional Validation modules need to be installed and registered separately. See the Kofax Transformation Modules - Installation Guide for more information.

You can configure multiple steps of Validation by following these steps:

  1. In Project Builder, create a new project or open an existing project.
  2. On the Project tab, in the Configuration group, select Project Settings Project Settings icon.
  3. Click the Validation tab to view the validation settings.
  4. In the Validation Settings, type a value or use the arrow keys to specify the Number of validation steps required.

    Additional validation steps are available for selection when setting up your validation forms.

  5. Define the validation form for each validation step.
  6. Test the validation form for each validation step using Test Validation.
  7. Save the changes to your project.