Project Tree selection behavior

The selected item in the Project Tree can affect the possible actions you can perform. For example if you want to add a locator to a specific class, you need to first select a class. Similarly, if you want to add a validation rule, you also need to have the desired class selected.

This behaviour is typical for a hierarchy, but the Project Tree selection behavior goes one step further.

Important As long as an item within a class is selected, all actions available for that class can be performed without changing your Project Tree selection. This means that if you have a classification instruction selected, you can still add a subclass, locator, field, or any other class item, without having to select the class from the Project Tree. This is because if you select a child item within a class, the class itself is indirectly selected, and all actions available to the class can be performed when a child item is selected.

This behavior does not however, apply to parent classes. If you select an item within a child class, only the child class is indirectly selected. In order to perform an action on the parent class, it or one of its child elements other than a class should be selected. This restriction ensures that you do not inadvertently add an item to the parent class when it is meant for a child class.

For example, you have just finished configuring an Advanced Zone Locator, and want to add some fields that correspond to that locator. You can do this by keeping your current Project Tree selection and going directly to the Ribbon Design tab, and clicking "Field". This is possible because the Advanced Zone Locator and the field you need to create are both child items of the same class, and the class selection is implied when the locator is selected.