Settings window - Miscellaneous tab

This tab includes editing options.

The Editing group has the following options.

Default left mouse button action

Select one of the following options to define the behavior when you left-click and move the mouse on the document in the Document Viewer.

  • Zoom to rectangle - Select this option and draw a rectangle with the left mouse to zoom the selected area in the Document Viewer.

  • Pan image - Select this option to move the image in the Document Viewer while left-clicking and moving the mouse.

The Script group has the following options.

Activate script debugging

By default, this option is disabled. When selected, the Script Editor window can be displayed and scripts can be debugged in Verification. If a runtime error occurs, a message is displayed that gives you the option to debug the script for this error.

Note If the option to debug the script is not available for the Verification module, it is made unavailable by your solution integrator.