Bar code types

There are two general types of bar codes:

  • Linear bar codes (1D) contain encoded information, in the form of digits and characters, of a message as bars and spaces. The start and stop markers, the size of the quiet zone required before and after the bar code, and the computation of a checksum can also be part of the code. The following 1D bar code varieties are available for specific selection:

    • Code 32

    • Code 39

    • Code 93

    • Code 128

    • Codabar

    • EAN 8

    • EAN 13

    • Full Ascii

    • IATA 2 of 5

    • Intelligent Mail

    • Industrial 25

    • Interleaved 25

    • Matrix 25

    • Patch

    • Post Net

    • UCC 128

    • UPC-A

    • UPC-E

  • Matrix bar codes (2D) are similar to linear 1-dimensional bar codes but have more data representation capability due to the 2-dimensional representation of information, which is arranged in a grid pattern. The following 2D bar code varieties are available for specific selection:

    • Aztec

    • Data Matrix

    • QR Code

    • PDF417

    • Maxi Code

When configuring a Bar Code Locator, selecting the correct type improves extraction results. If you do not know the bar code type, use either the Auto detect option or contact the document issuer to find out.

By default, Auto detect is selected, making other bar code types inaccessible. Clear this option to change the bar code type.

An image that shows various types of bar codes.
Note The Bar Code Locator can locate only the PDF 417 bar code with error correction level one (ECL1).