Copy documents using drag-and-drop

If one of your document subsets contains one ore more documents that are also required by another document subset, you can copy those documents using drag-and-drop. If the target document subset is located within another document set, you can pin the other document set open in order to drop the documents in the correct document subset.

Important You cannot copy documents from one subset to another within the same document set. If you drop one or more documents within the same document set a MOVE operation is applied.

You can copy documents using drag-and-drop by following these steps:

  1. Open the Documents window if it is not already open.
  2. Optionally, turn Auto Hide off to pin open Pinned Open icon the target document set if it is not the same document set that contains the documents you are moving.
    Note If you do not pin open a document set in order to copy the selected documents into a specific document subset, the documents are copied into the Default Default Document Subset icon document subset.

    This document set remains open when you select another document set.

  3. Select the document set then the document subset that contains the documents to be moved.

    The list of documents for the selected document subset is displayed in one of the views.

  4. Select one or more documents and drag-and-drop them into the target document subset.

    A grey overlay is displayed when you drag the documents over a document set or document subset. This ensures that you know where to drop your documents.

    If there are any unsaved changes to your document sets, you are prompted to save or discard these changes before you are able to move or copy any documents. This ensures that you do not inadvertently overwrite any modifications that you want to keep.

    The documents are copied to their new location.