Determine the optimized threshold for handwritten text

If you are processing documents that contain mainly handwritten text for a class, it is a good idea to optimize the recognition profile for this content type.

You can optimize the threshold for handwritten text by following these steps:

  1. Add a Mixed Print page recognition profile.
  2. Open the Documents window if it is not already open.
  3. If a different view is in use, switch to the List view Documents Window - Flat View icon.
  4. Add a document set that contains documents with hand written text.

    A document set is added to the list of document sets and expands automatically.

  5. Select the document subset that contains the desired test documents.

    A list of documents is displayed in the List view.

  6. On the shortcut menu for one of the test documents select Recognize.
  7. From the submenu, select the defined Mixed Print page profile from the list.
  8. On the Documents window toolbar, click Save Selected Items.

    This saves the recognition results to the selected documents.

  9. Right-click the selected document, and then click Open with XDoc Browser.

    The XDoc Browser opens and the XValues object displays the percentage value of the hand printed area on the selected document as follows: PercentageHP_Page<ZeroBased-PageNr>:<percentage 0-100>.

  10. Take note of this percentage value.
  11. Repeat these steps using a document that represents the documents with machine printed text.
  12. Evaluate the threshold for hand written text using the noted results. For the best results, take an average of the results.
  13. Edit the page recognizer properties by using the slider or typing in the value to optimize the threshold.