Regular Expression Validation method

This validation method enables you create pattern-based restrictions on extracted data. You can define a regular expression pattern. If the extracted data does not match the pattern, the data is invalid.

For example, you create a regular expression to test that an extracted account or customer number follows the expected pattern. The extracted data does not match the pattern and is marked invalid. A Validation user must manually complete the process.

Augment the regular expression by including a dictionary. The words in the dictionary can be found within a composite expression, and using the dictionary eliminates the need for adding complex syntax to account for these words.

Once added, you can configure a Regular Expression Validation method using the Regular Expression Validation Properties window.

Important To use Thin Client Correction to process a job, any validation methods that contain dictionaries must be manually overridden by the Correction user. Thin Client Correction does not support validation methods with dictionaries.