Project protection

Protecting a project means that the project itself is fully functional, but certain data is inaccessible to the user. Once a project is protected a customer can no longer see the training images or their text. They cannot access to this information through script or by any other means.

Important When a project that uses online learning is protected, the protected project has the same online learning path as the master project. As a result, it is necessary to update the online learning path manually.

Users can perform the following tasks when using a protected project.

  • In the Document Viewer, protected documents are indicated with a lock icon.

    If the user opens a protected document, the image displayed is a dummy image, the text is not legible, and the XDoc Browser, and mouse tooltips do not show meaningful text.

  • Protected documents in Document Sets behave like all other documents. The user can select, unselect, delete, or move a protected document.

  • A user can add their own documents to a document set. Since these documents are not encrypted, they are visible like in any normal project. This means that there can be a mix of protected and regular documents in any Document Set or Document Subset.

  • The protection does not apply to all aspects of the project. As a result, a user can add, remove, rename, or move and classes, fields, or locators as needed.

  • A user can train the project. They are unable to see any protected documents, but this does not restrict the user from training the project.

  • A user can perform benchmarks using any non-protected documents that they add. It is not possible to run a benchmark using protected documents.

  • If a project has online learning enabled, it is mandatory to update the online learning path for the protected project. This ensures that there are no training document issues between the protected project and the original project.

Users cannot perform the following tasks when using a protected project.

  • Users cannot test extraction on protected documents.

  • Users cannot perform recognition on protected documents.

  • Users cannot perform classification on protected documents.

  • Users cannot process protected documents within Project Builder.

  • Users cannot perform Extraction Benchmarks using protected documents.

  • Users cannot resolve Conflicts if they are between a protected document and a non-protected document. This is because the image of the protected document is not visible, so the only solution in this scenario is to delete the protected document altogether.

  • Users cannot perform Clustering on protected documents.

  • Users cannot convert a Test Set into a Training Set.

If a document set in a protected project contains both protected and non-protected documents, it is not possible to perform any of the actions above. If a document set in a protected project contains non-protected documents only, you can perform all of the above tasks.

Protected projects are not supported by the Project Merge Tool. If you attempt to use the Project Merge Tool to merge a protected project, a message is displayed indicating that the project cannot be used as the source or the destination project for merging.