Single child wins over parent

Classification Child Wins over Parent Rule Result icon This classification rule is applied if a parent and one of its child classes have a confidence higher than the global threshold. For this special case, the child is preferred over the parent, regardless of which class has the higher confidence. This is because the parent class is commonly used as a category that helps refine the final classification result rather than a classification result itself.

If more than one child has a confidence higher than the global threshold, the parent is not considered during the evaluation of minimum distances, unless two or more children are within the minimum distance. If more than two children have similar confidences, the Parent represents competing children rule is applied.

The following figure shows an example for this rule. darwin is the parent of darwin_descent_of_man. Both have a classification confidence higher than the global threshold of 50%, and the parent has the highest confidence. Due to the "Single child wins over parent" rule, darwin_descent_of_man becomes the final classification result, even though it has a lower confidence than its parent.

Note If a classification rule is applied to a document, a special icon is displayed next to the document in the Classification Results window. A tooltip for the icon explains the applicable rule.

An image that shows the classification results for a child that wins over a parent.