Folder General Properties Window

To show the validation form folder pane properties you have to open the validation form layout for a folder level. Select a folder level from the Project Builder Project pane and select Define Validation Form Layout from the context menu.

If you select a validation form element for the folder pane the properties pane switches to the corresponding properties. Click on the folder pane to display the folder pane properties again.

You can set the following miscellaneous folder fields options:

Active language

Select a language from the list to localize the designed validation form elements with a single click. The defined project languages are available as selection; initially the Active Language property is set to the selected project design language at the project level on the Project Settings - Localization Tab.

Allow force valid

Select TRUE to allow Validation to force a field valid.


Select a color from the list. By default custom web or system colors are provided. Click on the corresponding tab to select the desired color.


You can define a color gradient for the folder fields area on the validation form. Select a second color from the list.

Use gradient

Select TRUE, if you do want to use a color gradient folder fields area.