Test Validation

You can test validation rules, error messages, localization, and the validation form using Test Validation. Test Validation provides most of the same functionality as the Validation user module. There are however, some limitations in Test Validation. Some of the toolbar and menu items that affect how the documents are processed are disabled. For example, you cannot mark a document for online learning, nor can you reject a document.

Note Test Validation simulates Server processing, but no Knowledge Base Learning Server functionality. Therefore online learning cannot be tested in Test Validation.

To process documents select a document from the Documents window and click Test Validation from the main toolbar. The extraction results for the selected document are validated, and the results are displayed in the Test Validation. The results are shown on a validation form designed for the class that corresponds to the document classification result. If there is no classification result for a document a warning is displayed instead.

By default, the Current Error pane shows the error description for an invalid field and is part of the InPlace Editor. However, the InPlace Editor is optional and need not be included on the form. If it is not included, the Current Error pane is shown at the bottom of the extraction field area.

Before testing your validation settings, you should have completed the following:

You can test your validation settings in Test Validation by following these steps:

  1. Open the Project Tree window if it is not already open.
  2. Open the Documents window if it is not already open.
  3. If a different view is in use, switch to the List view Documents Window - Flat View icon.
  4. Review the validation form and modify as needed.
  5. Add or select the desired document set.

    The document set is expanded and its document subsets are displayed automatically.

  6. Select the document subset that contains the test documents you are validating.

    A list of documents contained in the selected document subset is displayed.

  7. Select one or more test documents, right-click, and select Process from the shortcut menu.

    The selected documents are classified and their data is extracted.

  8. Optionally, view your extraction results.

    The extraction results are displayed and all valid fields are marked with a green check mark.

  9. Ensuring that the same documents are still selected, from the Process Ribbon tab, in the Test group select Validate.

    If you are using multiple steps of validation, select the desired step from the submenu.

    Important You can test batch editing functionality in Test Validation only on a default document subset of a test or benchmark set. In addition, you need to select the Hierarchy view for this subset and then open Test Validation. Otherwise, the Batch Edit option is not available in Test Validation.

    Test Validation is displayed where you can view and validate the extraction results for the selected documents.

  10. Optionally, modify your classification and/or extraction settings if they are not performing as desired, and then test your changes again by using Test Validation.
  11. Optionally, modify your classification and/or extraction settings if they are not performing as desired, and then test your changes again by using Test Validation.
  12. Save the changes to your project.