Selection Document Set

This is a special document set that is dynamically populated with documents when needed, and contains only a single subset meaning the document set is always collapsed. The contents of this document set change depending on the action performed and the selected document set.

You cannot add, remove or modify this document set, nor can you manually add documents using drag and drop. You also cannot pin the selection document set open or save any changes to the documents contained within.

The Selection document set is populated when you perform a classification and extraction benchmark, and other actions that filter the selected documents. Once another action is performed, the contents of the Selection document set are either overwritten or reset to empty.

Note If you select a column in the Classification Benchmark window Result Matrix, the documents in that column populate the Selection document set. This means that it is quick and easy to examine a group of unclassified or incorrectly classified documents to find out why their classification results were not as expected.

Similarly, if you select a field column in the Extraction Benchmark window, the documents that contain that field populate the Selection document set.