Script Locator

Script Locator icon The Script Locator runs a custom script routine that produces:

  • A set of alternatives, each with a single result (similar to a Format Locator) or

  • A set of alternatives, each with subfield results (similar to the Advanced Zone Locator)

The script can use the XDoc to retrieve data from locators that have run before it, create its own values, or use a combination of both.

For each Script Locator, an event is fired and a configurable script function is executed when Server runs.

Manage a Script Locator in the following ways:

  • Define an output subfield for a group field

  • Delete an output subfield for a group field

Using the Script Viewer enables you:

  • Insert the script function

  • Create results for a simple field Script Locator

  • Create results for a group field Script Locator

Note If the Script Locator uses input from other locators or evaluators, run those locators before testing the Script Locator. Dependent locators are not processed and therefore needed input data may not be available. To run a dependent locator, open the locator properties and click Test, or press F7 for a test document to run the complete extraction.

The Script Locator Properties window contains the following tabs: