Kofax Clarity recognition engine

This recognition engine performs full-page recognition and is specialized to recognize text at any location on an image (Text mode). For example, photographs of people or places, street signs, ID cards, or business cards. Because these images can be distorted, have perspective issues, or contain glare from reflected light, Kofax Clarity can overcome these issues to provide successful OCR results.

You can also use this recognition engine to recognize classic paper documents and forms (Document mode).

Important You cannot call page recognition from script using the Kofax Clarity recognition engine.

These benefits are possible because Kofax Clarity uses the scalability of cloud computing to perform Optical character recognition over an internet connection. This cloud architecture has the additional benefit of moving OCR processing online and away from the Kofax Transformation Modules Servers. All transmitted data is encrypted over an HTTPS connection.

The cloud services used by Kofax Clarity have been reviewed by an independent Qualified Security Assessor and are determined to be PCI DSS 3.2 compliant. Therefore you can rely on the cloud service provider's compliance for the infrastructure and platform components it provides.

Important You require a separate license to use this recognition engine.

Communication between the Kofax Clarity recognition profile and its server use port 443. This port must be open in your Firewall settings.

If you perform recognition using Kofax Clarity during testing in Project Builder, runtime licenses are consumed. If you want to avoid consuming too many runtime licenses during project configuration and testing, Kofax recommends that you test Kofax Clarity on selected images only, and that you perform OCR on other test images or training images using another recognition engine.

During configuration, the best practice is to run this recognition engine a few times without a fallback recognition engine configured. This ensures that everything is working as expected and that the proper internet access if available.