Perform extraction for documents

Once OCR and classification are successful, extraction can be performed for a group of test documents. This gives you the opportunity to test your extraction settings and view the results. If the results are not as expected, you can modify your extraction settings accordingly. You can perform extraction by selecting documents in either the List View or the Hierarchy View. If you plan on testing separation after performing extraction, you can use the Hierarchy View. Otherwise, use the List View.

You can perform extraction for one or more documentsby following these steps:

  1. Open the Documents window if it is not already open.
  2. Select the document set and document subset that you are testing.

    The documents in the selected document subset are displayed in the selected view.

  3. As needed, switch to the List view Documents Window - Flat View icon or the Hierarchy view Documents Window - Hierarchy View icon.

    If you are testing document separation, use the Hierarchy view. Otherwise, use the List view.

    The selected document set is displayed.

  4. In the list of documents, select one or more documents that require extraction.
    Tip To save time selecting individual documents, click Select All Select All icon or Ctrl + A to select all documents.
  5. Right-click the selected documents and select Extract Test - Extract Selection icon.

    A progress bar is displayed to show the extraction progress. Once complete, the results can be viewed in the Extraction Results window.