Layout classifier

The Layout Classifier is an image classifier. This type of classifier performs image-based classification by analyzing the graphical elements of an image. To use this classifier for a class, add one or two representative documents and train the project with these examples.

Documents with completely different layouts can be associated with a single class provided you have examples of each. Typically, layout classification is used to identify documents in a batch. Layout classification can also be utilized to recognize the sender of a letter if the sender’s document layout is unique. This might be the case for formal letters or invoices.

The Layout Classifier is configured once for a project on the Classification tab in the Project Settings window, and each class can be configured to use this classifier.

Important After changing the properties of your classifiers, or after adding or deleting documents from your training set, you must retrain your project.

Configuring layout classification for your project involves the following:

  • Configure the Layout Classifier

  • Enable layout classification training for each class that uses this classifier

  • Add training documents from another document subset or add new training documents to your Classification Set

  • Train the project for layout classification