Shortcut menus for documents sets and subsets

By right clicking on the blue document set header that surrounds the box of document subsets, several shortcut menu options are available. You can also right-click on a document subset to access various options available in its shortcut menu.

The following list explains those options for document sets and document subsets that do not also are displayed in the Ribbon.

Document Set Shortcut Menu

The following shortcut menu options are available:

Convert New Samples Database

If you upgrade a project from an earlier version that has online learning enabled you can upgrade a remaining New Samples database to the new document set format. You can then import and train those documents for your project as needed.

Note This menu item is available for New Samples only.
Attach Document Set to Project

Associates the selected document set with your project so it is visible in the list of document sets in the Documents window every time you open your project.

Detach Document Set from Project

Removes a document set that is associated with your project. Next time you open your project this document set is no longer displayed in the list of document sets, but it is visible in the list of Recent Documents.

Use as Classification Set

Makes the selected document set the Classification Set.

Use as Extraction Set

Makes the selected document set the Extraction Set.

Use as Benchmark Set

Makes the selected document subset a benchmark set.

Use as Test Set

Makes the selected document set a test set.

Sort Documents on Disk by Class

Sorts the documents from the selected Benchmark document set by the assigned classes, and stores them in folders with corresponding class names. These folders are created in the directory where your documents are physically located on your filesystem. This class structure is required in order to be able to compare the assigned class against your project classification settings when a classification benchmark is performed.

Document Subset Shortcut Menu

The following shortcut menu options are available:

Use as Default Document Subset

Sets the selected document subset as the default document subset and displays the Default Document Subset Default Document Subset icon icon. For the Extraction Set, this is the document subset that contains all newly added training documents.

Exclude Subset from Training

Excludes all documents from the selected document subset from the training set and the Excluded Document Subset Excluded Document Subset icon icon is displayed.

Include Subset for Training

Includes an excluded document subset in the training set so it can be used for training.