Validation Document Viewer pane

The current document is displayed in the Document Viewer which is docked at the right side of the Validation user interface by default.

Depending on the configuration options specified by your solution integrator the following docking behavior can be possible:

  • No fixed docking mode is predefined for the viewer and a user can dock the viewer to any side of the Validation user interface. After changing the docking mode, the viewer keeps the docking position unless the user changes it again.

  • The viewer is docked permanently to a specific side of the Validation user interface and a user cannot change this default position. The Viewer submenu is not available in the View menu. This applies to all documents in a class where the fixed position was predefined.

  • A user can change the docking behavior temporarily using the View menu, but the next time a document of the same class is selected, the docking mode switches back to the predefined setting.

  • For a batch that has documents assigned to several classes, the viewer position can switch dynamically to a predefined position for different classes.

    For example, for invoices the predefined position of the viewer is docked to the right and for shipping forms to the top of the Validation user interface. So when validating the batch, for every invoice document the viewer is docked on the right side but automatically switches to the top for a shipping form, and then back to the right when another invoice is displayed.

  • When a user floats the viewer, it stays undocked for all document classes.

This function is disabled in Edit Batch mode.

When a field is selected on the form, the viewer displays the area of the page that contains the extracted field data.

This default behavior can be changed by double-clicking in an empty area of the document to freeze the viewer display. This is especially useful when a field contains a wrong extraction result and you want to search the document for the correct one, even across pages. When frozen, the view does not change even if you edit the field on the validation form. To unfreeze the viewer again, double-click in an empty area of the document.

When the cursor is placed on a specific item in the current document, a word click pointer is displayed besides the selected field displaying the currently-selected word or number. If it is the correct field value, you can click the item to add it to the field.

You can zoom in or out at the cursor location using the mouse wheel.

The initial zoom setting for the viewer is predefined for each docking mode to provide sufficient context for each field:

  • For Left or Right or floating viewer: Best Fit

  • For Top or Bottom: Fit to Width

Depending on the document type and the docking mode, the user can adjust the zoom settings. After optimizing the zoom settings, the viewer keeps the zoom level unless the user changes it again.

If a document in a batch you are processing requires special attention from an operator in a module later in processing, you can leave a comment on one of the images in a document using Sticky Notes.