Customized validation forms

For each field added to your project when configuring extraction, a corresponding label, editable field and MiniViewer are added to the default validation form. If you want to override these default settings, you can create a customized validation form. Customized validation forms can be displayed in either Validation or Thin Client Validation.

Each class in your project can have its own customized validation form, and if multiple steps of validation are configured, each step can also have its own customized validation form. Also, if your project has foldering enabled, a folder can also have a customized validation form.

To save time when customizing a validation form for a class, you can add the field, field label, and the viewer in a single step by using the Add All Field Elements option. Similarly, you can use the same option to add the field and the field label in a single step when customizing the validation form for a folder.

Note If your form already contains one or more elements for a field (field, field label, or viewer), a message is displayed when you press Add All Field Elements. The message gives you the choice to cancel or to overwrite the existing elements. This ensures that there are no duplicate elements on your form.

If you want to use Thin Client Validation, you need to configure your project to enable customized validation forms for Thin Client Validation. Also, folder fields are displayed in a tab rather than a pane in Thin Client Validation.

To maintain your customized validation forms: