What type of document separation to use

When configuring a project, you are presented with different types of separation on the Project Settings - Document Separation tab. If you select either Trainable Document Separation or Standard Document Separation, training documents are required to successfully configure separation.

Important The Classification Training Set is also used for training document separation. This is because all of the information used for training classification can also be used for training document separation.

See the following examples for information about when to use which type of separation:

No document separation

Use this separation type when you do not need to separate your documents. This separation type works well for batches that contains a single document, or when you add something to separate a document from other documents in the batch. For example, the batch might use a separator page or a bar code between documents.

Trainable Document Separation

This is the most commonly used separation type. Use the trainable document separation type when the first pages of your documents vary within a class or when your documents vary in length. This option enables you to can train each page of the document.

Standard Document Separation

Use the standard document separation type when your documents have an easily recognizable first page. The length of the documents can be fixed or variable, as long as the first page is recognizable.