Invoice Group Locator

Invoice Group Locator icon The Invoice Group Locator returns fields related to an invoice header. The locator includes the following predefined subfields:

  • InvoiceNumber

  • InvoiceDate

  • CustomerID


  • VendorName

  • VendorID

The locator can extract Invoice Number, InvoiceDate, CustomerID and VATID from a document.

The locator does not extract VendorName and VendorID from a document. For specific learning, these subfields are stored with layout information; for generic learning, these subfields provide no values.

Important If your Extraction Set contains two documents with conflicting content for the Vendor name, all results for this field appear in the Vendor Name field the next time a document for that vendor is displayed. This happens because the value for this field is manually entered or derived from an external source. These types of conflicts are not always easy to resolve. As a result, all available values from the training documents appear in the Vendor field delimited by semicolons.

For example, the Extraction Set includes two documents for a "Tulip" invoice. One has the vendor name "Tulip" and the other has the name "tulip." Since these vendor names differ, both results are returned the next time a Tulip Invoice is processed. The field shows the name as "Tulip; tulip." To prevent this from happening, perform routine reviews of your Extraction Set and eliminate conflicting vendor entries.

Manage an Invoice Group Locator as follows:

The Invoice Group Locator Properties window contains the following tabs: