Relation Evaluator

Relation Evaluator icon The Relation Evaluator locates the best alternatives from one locator based on their position on the document in relation to the best alternative of another locator.

For example, you need to find an invoice number that is always located below and close to the invoice date on an invoice. One locator finds dates and uses the "invoice date" keyword to identify the right one. A second locator finds any kind of number. Use the Relation Evaluator to identify the number closest to and below the identified invoice date.

To configure a Relation Evaluator, add it to the selected class in the Project Tree. For the best results, add a document set that contains several test documents for this class before modifying the locator properties. A Relation Evaluator can then be configured by opening the properties.

Manage your Relation Evaluator in the following ways:

  • Select locators for relational evaluation

  • Limit the number of alternatives

The Relation Evaluator Properties window contains the following tabs: