View and filter separation benchmark results

To further analyze the separation benchmark results, filter the results in the Separation Benchmark window.

Double-click a document to open it in the Document Viewer. In the Document Viewer window, use the navigation buttons to select a document. Selecting a document in the Document Viewer also highlights the document in the Documents window. This enables you to switch between the separation benchmark results and your document set.

For example, to see all of the correct pages, filter the results to display only those pages that are correctly classified and separated. Or, to troubleshoot why some documents are incorrectly separated, filter the results to display only Additional splits or Missed splits.

You can view and filter separation benchmark results by following these steps:

  1. Open the Separation Benchmark window.
    • Page Separation Results

    • Document Separation and Classification Results

    • Analysis of Incorrect Documents

  2. View the filtered results in the Separation Result group.