Anchoring tab - Advanced Zone Locator Properties window

This tab displays a list of anchors in tabular format that are defined for this class. The following columns are available:


This column displays the name of an anchor.

The name for an anchor should be descriptive and include the anchor type. For example, Structural_TopLeft, or Graphic_Logo.


This column displays the type of anchor. The values for this option can be either Structural, Graphic, or Text. The anchor Type is configured on the Anchor Properties window.


This columns displays the page where the anchor is located.


This column displays whether an anchor is valid or not.


If the checkbox in this column is selected, registration is performed for the corresponding anchor, but only if the anchor is valid as well. This option is selected by default.

Anchors can be used for registration when you select Custom as the Registration Type and select the Anchors option for Global Registration on the Registration tab.

As you add anchors, they are selected for registration by default. If you do not want to use an anchor for registration, clear the check box in the Registration column.

The registration is valid if at least three valid anchors selected for registration are found. These anchors must also meet the minimum registration confidence. If fewer than three of those registered anchors are found, or the confidence is less than the minimum, the registration is invalid and cannot be used. Instead, the next selected registration method is used.


Adds a new anchor to the reference document.

Tip For the best results, you should add anchors using the Zone Viewer window. This is so that you can see the anchor zone size and location on the reference document.

Removes the selected anchor from the Advanced Zone Locator.


Renames the selected anchor in the Advanced Zone Locator.


Opens the Anchor Properties window so you can modify the anchor.

Definitions for the buttons at the bottom of this window can be found in Common Project Builder Buttons.